How to Plan Your Meeting

Dear members and guests,

In our club, everyone has to get active in constructing our club life. In order to craft a club program for all our members, all our members have to get involved and be or create the inspiration we want to be for one another.

Our club’s policy is to create an environment where we all learn from one another and where we inspire one another. This is why our club encourages all members (and of course all guests are welcome to do so as well) to get involved in creating our club program.

The club program is everything that happens during our weekly meetings on Monday at 8 pm. This can mean: A socializing meeting, a presentation by an external speaker, a presentation by a member/guests or a visit at a museum/company or civil society organization that we might work with etc. The form and structure of these meetings are not set. The only rule is: We want to LEARN HELP CELEBRATE.

Here is how you plan your meeting:

  1. Think about the format of your meeting first. You have several options and you get creative at this point: (a) You could hold a presentation yourself about any topic that is of interest to you, (b) maybe you know someone who can talk about their voluntary engagement in a civil society organization, their professional life, their hobby or their last holiday etc. , (c) maybe you can organize a visit at an interesting place, (d) maybe you want to show us your favourite bar/parc/coffee place and you organize a socializing meeting there, or (e) you can get very creative and come up with a totally new format. If you need inspiration, please find here our brainstorming sheet.
  2. Pick a date here in our planning sheet. This is a list of all the meetings planned with an overview of who is responsible for that meeting and what this meeting will contain.
  3. Get in touch with that person. If you chose the option to organise an event where an external person has to be contacted, get in touch with that person and keep in mind that you are representing our club while contacting external persons. If you need inspiration on how to formulate an email to an external person, please find an e-mail draft here in our E-mail Example.
  4. Fill in the title and further information (if applicable) into the planning sheet

If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Are you a member who wants to organize a meeting and has questions? (please find our contact person (Dorian) here:

Are you a guest who wants to organise a meeting and has questions? (please find our contact person (Elena) here:

Our Officer for PR & Clubdirector – Luisa H. El Berr

“I see Rotaract as a chance to build equality of chance for all. I use Rotaract as a channel through which I can help people from many different backrounds to reach their potential, to learn and to build a prosperous future society.”

At the heart of each Rotaract club are the weekly meetings that are often presentations. As the clubdirector, I am responsible for our programm, meaning our presentations and socializing activities. I contact speakers and organize when and what they would like to talk about.

As the officer for PR I am taking care of our social media presence and the website.