Visit to Kronberg Academy

At the beginning of the week, members of our club had the pleasure to visit the Casals Forum in Kronberg. The tour was organized by our sponsor club – RC Eschborn – and was guided by the manager of Kronberg Academy- Raimund Trenkler (and member of RC Frankfurt/Main Skyline). During the 1,5h visit, we explored the new buildings and learned more about the concept behind the new buildings.

District conference

Over the weekend, our club had the pleasure to attend the first District Conference for the Rotarian year. The event took place in Frankfurt and Hanau.

In the evening on Friday, we joined a party boot on Main. We partied with fellow Rotaractors from the whole District. On the next morning, we were joining the lectures and workshops led by the District Speaker (and member of our club) – Ieva Martinsone. 

We also had the pleasure to join the workshop of another member of ours – Nadia von Öesterreich. 

We are looking forward to the next conference in Wiesbaden. 

Documenta Fifteen

Over the weekend, our club had the pleasure to visit Documenta Fifteen. Our friends from RAC Kassel invited us to join them and other clubs from the District for the weekend. They had prepared an eventful program. We had the opportunity to not only visit the art exhibition, but to explore the city. And of course – to party together. 

Thanks to their organizing tour, we understood better the event and its significance.

We can’t wait to visit Kassel again.

Summer Intercity Meeting District 1820

Last Friday, our club had the pleasure to host the first Intercity meeting for this year.

Over 25 Rotactors from different clubs across District 1820 gathered at Friedberger Platz in Frankfurt. With a glass of wine, we enjoyed the nice summer weather. We not only discussed different topics from the world of Rotaract and Rotary, but we also made new friendships. 

Later on, for the people with a party spirit, we moved to a bar nearby and enjoyed the night.

We hope to see you again very soon!

Meet our board of directors

We have the pleasure to introduce our board members for the 2022/23. Our board consists of people from different professions and multiple nationalities, and we take pride in being the place where people from all around the world can volunteer under Rotary’s values and help make the world a place.

President: Viktor Dimitrov
Vice-President: Luisa El Berr
Past-President: Mete Eryilmaz
Secretary: Anna Efimova
Treasurer: Vivien Hilla
Officer for International Relations: Clara Catherina Lieber
Officer for Guest Relations: Julia Jäger
Officer for Social Projects: Balthazar Wied

Looking forward to an exciting year together with our District Speaker Ieva Martinsone and her district team!

Summer Intercity Meeting District 1820

Dear Rotaractors,

We have the pleasure to invite you and all clubs from District 1820 to an Intercity-Meeting.

Our club would like to restore the tradition of Intercity meetings and hereby invite you to join us on 15.07.2022 at 19:00 at Friedberger Platz (open air) in Frankfurt (Address:

This will be a casual event, and you will have the opportunity to meet with fellow Rotactors from the District, have nice time together and go party afterwards. A more detailed plan is to follow in the WhatsApp Group.

We have created a Whats-App group for better communication. You can join it by clicking on the following link:

In the group, we will also help you with accommodation opportunities, if you come from further out of Frankfurt.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

BETS District 1820

On Saturday (11.06), the members of our board-elect attended the Board Elect Training Seminar in District 1820. The seminar was organized by the district team led by the district speaker (2022/23) and a member of our club – Ieva Martinsone.
The event took place on the grounds of the EBS University in the lovely city of Oestrich-Winkel.

During the day, members of our club attended various workshops to develop their leadership skills and listened to presentations to learn more about Rotary and Rotaract. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to meet with District Governor Elect Reinhard Fröhlich and exchange experience and ideas with the other clubs from the District.

We are looking forward to the next District event!

Charterfeier RAC Wiesbaden

Over the weekend, members of our club had the pleasure to attend the Charterfeier for the 30th anniversary of Rotaract Club Wiesbaden.
During the 3 days he had the opportunity to expereince firsthandl the beautiful city of Wiesbaden. Thanks to our host, we enjoyed the sights of the city and the wines nearby the capital of Hessen.
On Saturday evening, we dressed chic and took part in the official celebrations where we met with guests from other clubs and districts.
Special thanks to the organizers from Rotaract Club Wiesbaden for having us.

Rotary Action Day

Our club had the pleasure to join the Rotary Action Day organized by Rotary Club Frankfurt International, Rotary Club Palmengarten and Rotary Club Rhein-Main. On the sunny May 21st, more than 40 Rotarians, Rotaracts, and their families and friends gathered at the Höchst Schloss and moved along the rivers Main and Nidda to pick litter. The event was a great success as it raised more awareness of the issue.At the end of the day, we enjoyed refreshing drinks nearby the castle.

Looking forward to the next Rotary Action Day!

Update: Cheers to Life – Wine for Maternal and Child Health

We are delighted to report that the first wave of the fundraiser for RMCH was a huge success.
Just before Christmas began, we managed to sell 54 bottles of wine. As part of RMCH, with the money raised, we are able to provide families in Nigeria with 10 birthing kits.
You can find further details about the birthing kits and RMCH from our previous article:

We want to express our gratitude to everyone involved in the fundraiser.
Special thanks to our partner from Without them, the fundraiser wouldn’t be possible.

You missed your chance to participate? Stay tuned for the second wave!

Meeting with District Governor 2021/22

Thanks to our sponsor Rotary Club – RC Eschborn – our Rotaract club had the honour to meet with the District Governor of District 1820 for 2021/22 Edith Karos. 

We took part in discussions with members of the club and the District Governor about various topics surrounding our club life. 

Thanks to those conversations, we had the chance to discuss our future partnerships and coming projects. Our clubs set the dates for those events and started working on their planning.

We are in the final stages of organizing a major event in the city of Frankfurt. It will take place at the beginning of next year and soon we will be able to share more details with you.

After the meeting was over, we had the chance to network in an informal setting.

Rotary International Convention 2019

What an experience! Four of our club members traveled to Hamburg in June where over 27.000 Rotarians and Rotaractors joined from across the globe to connect, exchange ideas, be inspired and attend the Rotary International Convention.

Our members Maj, Nadia, Elena and Jens at the Convention.

Personal highlights were the Rotaract PreConvention and that two Rotaractors received the highest honor possible from Rotary International for their commitment and contribution (Phoenix for doubling the number of Rotaract Clubs in her district and Paul for founding a Rotaract Club in a refugee camp).

We feel inspired by the program, ready to catch up on sleep from all the great parties, and can´t wait to see our new friends from across the globe again.

We know this sounds overly enthusiastic – but what can we say – feeling part of something global can be a powerful feeling.

So who´s planning on joining the convention next year in June in Honolulu, Hawaii?

PS: We were super excited that one of our own, ou president Nadia von Österreich, was in the program.

Nadia on stage.

Kick-Off Meeting for the Club Year 2018/19

Why did you come to Rotaract? And what should our club life look and feel like when we look back in a year? These questions guided us in the official Kick-Off-Meeting of this Rotarian year 2018/19.

We took a look back at the foundations and the spirit of Rotaract and the Rotarian family and reflected how our club has filled the three pillars – Learn – Help – Celebrate – with life in the previous year. Looking ahead, we brainstormed our visions for the club and got inspired by the many ideas that our members and guests shared.

Ranging from supporting the local food bank (Tafel) with a Buy-One-More activity, or learning about bee-keeping as part of Rotaract Germany’s BeeAlive project, to raising funds along with our Rotarian partners club through e.g. the Adventskalender sale or the Hanau-24h-Run, we are already looking forward to a busy year – and there is more to come:

A recent presentation at Rotary Club Eschborn on CPR inspired us to start developing a Saving Lives social service project to teach people how to act in a medical emergency. Creative Time with Children in need sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon, doesn’t it? First contacts with local partners have already been established. Providing refugees a platform to share their stories and to further mutual understanding is the idea behind Untold Stories, a concept pitched by our guest Sonan. And, of course, a Rotaract Frankfurt/Main-International original concept, ROTARart CulturACT, the charity concert with performances by Rotaract members and friends first started in November 2017, may be back by popular demand. Stay tuned!

First international project

Doing good is the main driver for Rotaract. As an international club we wanted to organize an international project and the first location to do so was Romania.


After a thorough organization (getting in contact with the school and seeing what they needed, searching for donations in order to be able to acquire the needed materials or getting donations directly in the form of goods), eight members of the Frankfurt/Main-International club departed towards Romania. The journey started in Bucharest and, after a half-day trip through the Dobrogea region by car, we reached Murighiol. Here we had to load everything in a boat as Crisan, the place where the project took place, can only be reached in this manner.

After a boat trip full of thrills, a big scare, lots of rain and a thunderstorm on the night’s sky, we managed to reach our accommodation. We planned to visit the school the next day, but because of the rain we postponed the visit for 24 hours.

The school had 10 children enrolled in kindergarten, 13 elementary school children and 15 secondary school children. The classes were carried together for different grades because of the reduced numbers. The teachers were very dedicated and made sure that everyone got the attention they needed. We prepared backpacks filled with books, sweets and other materials for each of them and we had several donations for the school. We spend some time with the children and learnt about their everyday activities, we managed to break the ice and get past the languag

e barrier. The older children started the trend and then the younger ones also joined the discussion. They were in the middle of an ethics class before we arrived, discussing the values a ‘good person’ should have and it was a very nice lesson to re-learn the concepts through the eyes of the innocent.

We took advantage of the good weather and took several trips around the area, visiting the delta, the Letea forest, the old port of Sulina and we also went out on the Black Sea. Our visit to Romania ended with a two-days stay at the Black Sea, enjoying the beach, visiting Constanta and meeting new friends from the Rotaract and Interact Constanta.

All in all it was a humbling experience, giving a helping hand, discovering new places, meeting new people and spending time with the club members.  We are looking forward to the 2017 edition.

It’s all about personalization!


Niels Loeb, telling us about small, fashionable, authentic and individual ADAM.
Niels Loeb is telling us about small, fashionable, authentic and individual Opel ADAM.

The speaker Niels Loeb, chief designer of Adam Opel AG, held a very interesting presentation about one of the car that he worked on and gave us a detailed overview on the ADAM. Niels told us about two principals, on which ADAM is based: “Innovate and not imitate”!

There are 64000 combinations of ADAM that give Opel customers a choice to design their own car, which leads us to the conclusion that ADAM is all about personalization.

Delicious chocolate for everyone!!!


The sweetest meeting in our club
The sweetest meeting in our club ever

It was indeed the first meeting in the history of our club, when we could try as many chocolate as we wanted to. Moreover, our guests and members had an opportunity to choose between the variety not only of dark, white and milk chocolate, but also of the latest innovation – caramel chocolate, which some people from our group found even better than the traditional ones.

The history of “Heller Pralinen ” was told by Christian Ruzicka – the owner of this chocolate business, who kindly explained us the way his manufactory works and gave us a chance to enjoy the taste of a well-qualified marzipan, nougat and even of raw cacao beans.

People say “business and finance”, since we are in Frankfurt am Main!

Susanne Bergsträßer explains what a Securities Supervisor do
Susanne Bergsträßer explains what a Securities Supervisor does

Susanne Bergsträßer (Senior Director of the BaFin) gave us a short introduction of the work as a securities supervision. The BaFin is a Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany. Before 1995, there was no such  supervisory organization in Gernany and therefore People sometimes called it a “banana republic”.

This meeting was especially interesting for those, who are working in or studying business and finance. Nevertheless, some of our guests and members that are not related to these topics had an opportunity to learn more about it and had, of course, fun, while doing it.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

In a very efficient way Arthur is introducing us to the Seven Habits in such a short period of time.
In a very efficient way Arthur is introducing us to the Seven Habits of highly effective people.

Arthur Muguet presented to us a short summary of the book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. This book deals with personal effectiveness. Here are seven habits of people that want to reach a high level of effectiveness: 1) Be proactive; 2) Begin with the end in mind; 3) Put first things first; 4) Think win/win; 5) Seek first to understand then to be understood; 6) Synergize; 7) Sharpen the saw.

Incredible India and its culture

Miruna told us about her journey to India and about her first and following impressions that she got there during two weeks. A great number of amazing photos were showed to us and we could only wonder what an incredible country it is. Moreover, some of our guests and members started thinking about spending their next vacation in India in order to plunge in its culture. 20150202_213153

Congratulations to the newest club in d1820

Toni & Melina representing our club at the founding charter

It’s official: we are not the youngest club in the district anymore! Yesterday, on October 18th, we celebrated the official founding charter of the Rotaract Club Schwalm-Eder. It was a really nice evening with, yes, again, delicious food, great conversations and awesome people. Thank you again to the RAC Schwalm-Eder for the invitation and we wish you a good start!

If you are ever in the area check out their homepage for more information.

A delicious trip to Mainz

Homemade Zwiebelkuchen and delicious Federweißer directly from the vineyard

The RAC Mainz invited us to join them for their traditional “Federweißer” meeting with Federweißer and Zwiebelkuchen… and this was an invitation we could not decline! So on October 6th 2014 a group of courageous members went to cross district borders to district 1860. Their courage was rewarded with a great evening: some glasses of delicious Federweißer, homemade Zwiebelkuchen and in general a lot of fun with new friends. 🙂

Thank you very much guys, we are already looking forward to next year…


The different faces of terrorism

Constanze, former RDK chairperson

On September 29th, we welcomed a high-ranking guest to our meeting: Constanze, former RDK (Rotaract German Committee) chairperson. With the advances of the IS in Iraq and Syria the topic of the evening could not have been more up-to-date. We learned to distinguish between ethno-nationalistic terrorism (e.g. ETA), social-revolutional terrorism (RAF) and religious motivated terrorism (such as Al-Qaida and their advanced brothers from IS).

Midterm elections in the US

2014-09-15 20.18.29
Tim, a true expert on American politics

On September 15th, we welcomed Tim to our meeting. Although he is German, he has been following American politics with a passion for years. Thus it was a logical conclusion to have him talk about the midterm elections in the US taking place on November 4th this year. It was a witty presentation full of facts and figures and we are excited to see what will happen in November…