People say “business and finance”, since we are in Frankfurt am Main!

Susanne Bergsträßer explains what a Securities Supervisor do
Susanne Bergsträßer explains what a Securities Supervisor does

Susanne Bergsträßer (Senior Director of the BaFin) gave us a short introduction of the work as a securities supervision. The BaFin is a Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany. Before 1995, there was no such  supervisory organization in Gernany and therefore People sometimes called it a “banana republic”.

This meeting was especially interesting for those, who are working in or studying business and finance. Nevertheless, some of our guests and members that are not related to these topics had an opportunity to learn more about it and had, of course, fun, while doing it.

A delicious trip to Mainz

Homemade Zwiebelkuchen and delicious Federweißer directly from the vineyard

The RAC Mainz invited us to join them for their traditional “Federweißer” meeting with Federweißer and Zwiebelkuchen… and this was an invitation we could not decline! So on October 6th 2014 a group of courageous members went to cross district borders to district 1860. Their courage was rewarded with a great evening: some glasses of delicious Federweißer, homemade Zwiebelkuchen and in general a lot of fun with new friends. 🙂

Thank you very much guys, we are already looking forward to next year…